So here we are, finally launching. We wanted to drop a big bunch of articles on you, but writing stuff that is interesting and useful does take a lot of time so we are going with a “soft” launch. As you can see from the Coming Soon articles, we were able to talk to some very interesting and very fast people, asked for experts for their help, and are collaborating with several very talented experts.

This is just a start. We want to hear from you. Let us know if you have articles to contribute, news about Dragon Boating in your corner of the world, questions you would like us to research for you, ideas for collaboration. Ours is a global sport, and we look forward to hearing from people who are as diverse and colorful as our sport. And from fast ones too. We like speed as much as we like good fun.

Drop us a line at editor@dragonboating.com with ideas, questions, suggestions, anything you want to say.